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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  June 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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are getting ready to vote on the city's proposed soda tax. what it could mean for the price of sugary drinks and where the money should go. >> let the response be love. let the response from this horrific act be courage. >> new jersey senator cory booker joins a filibuster on capitol hill on gun control. we'll explain what happened late into the night. we're tracking showers, first alert radar shows rain moving through the area. we'll tell you what it means for your neighborhood specifically at 6:00 a.m. 64 degrees outside. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. >> let's get right to bill henley and his neighborhood forecast. forecasted rain unfortunately, right? >> we're also tracking showers, damp view from center city. clouds with us and the rain has moved right into the city. on and off showers, that's what you expect today. won't be an all day rainfall. this line will move through.
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even some thunderstorm activity, i'm tracking right now. that's moving through and into chester county. heavy downpours. to the north of east nottingham, showers and thunderstorm activity moving to the east, west grove, rumbles of thunder and flashes of lightning in the next couple of minutes. heavy downpours with that isolated thunderstorm. most of the day we're not going to be looking at thunderstorms, but we're going to see clouds stay with us and chance of occasional showers. lehigh valley, 66 degrees. sun is up, skies are brightening up. keep an umbrella with you. noon time, 69 degrees. and chance of showers and philadelphia, cloudy skies right now, on and off showers this morning. by 11:00, they should be off 68 degrees, but we'll likely see more showers as we head into the afternoon. what we won't see are temperatures in the 80s today with rain and the clouds, just below the 70s for new jersey. lehigh valley and delaware, and
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little bit cooler the shore, 68 degrees. barely up to 70 degrees for the suburbs, 73 in philadelphia. we'll go through the forecast hour by hour with the future cast when i'm back in ten minutes. see how the rain is affecting the roads. >> we're seeing some wet spots, that's right around route 309, va turnpike. you see no big problems or delays because of that. you'll traffic is moving along just fine. even with the wet roads becoming in place. construction now out headed eastbound. back to jersey before airport circle, the right lane is closed. yesterday they had several lanes closed there as well. watch for big delays. also, here is route 38 around haddonfield road. no big problems or delays. being hit with rain there as well. watch for slippery spots. happening today, philadelphia could become the first major u.s. city with a soda tax. pamela osborne is live at stiff hall. tell us about today's vote. >> reporter: this is the final
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vote on that sugary drink bill. it failed twice before, but if it were to pass, which it is expected to, it would be the first of its kind in a city this size. as we know, it caused a lot of controversy over the past few months with people demonstrating for and against this tax. ultimately council decided to compromise with mayor jim kinney, agreeing to a 1.5 cent an ounce tax on sugary drinks. the majority of the money raised will go to fund universal pre-k throughout the city, creating 6500 new slots for kids waiting to enroll. another chunk of the revenue would help revitalize the recreational centers, tough sell to some residents and business owners, but the councilman says the time is now. >> they said the same thing about the cigarette tax last year. it produced $88 million for the school system. first time in five years we haven't had to raise real estate taxes.
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so you make tough choices about it, sometimes it works out and it did with the cigarette tax. this is another one of those new twists. >> reporter: critt ics of the bl call it a bait and switch. they learned that 10% of the revenue would go to other programs and fund a general fund account. no philly grocery tax will also be here today ahead of that vote with a pop-up display that will demonstrate how many items and what the items are we would be paying extra for if council does vote in favor for that bill. coming up at 6:30, we'll talk more about how council plans to address concerns about how the remainder of that money, the revenue generated from the soda tax, will be spent. reporting live at city hall, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. we'll see you then. new from overnight, from capitol hill, a democratic senator from connecticut ended his more than 14 hour filibuster in the fight
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for gun control legislation following the massacre in orlando. senator chris murphy said republican party leaders agreed to allow votes on proposals to keep people on the terrorist watch list from buying guns and to expand background checks. it is 6:05. 64 degrees outside. today, president obama and vice president biden will go to orlando to meet with the families of the victims and survivors of the pulse nightclub shooting rampage. their visit comes as the community struggles to heal and the first of the victims are laid to rest. as police and federal agents gather evidence, the fbi is combing through data from the gunman's phone and laptop. and the senate homeland security committee says the shooter made postings to facebook before and after the attack blasting the filthy ways of the west. the committee revealed that in a letter asking facebook ceo mark zuckerberg to provide information on mateen's facebook, five facebook
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accounts. meantime, the fbi is not speculating on possible charges, but are looking into that mateen's wife knew before the attack. in philadelphia, last night, west catholic prep invited students, friends and family to remember one of their own. 17-year-old akyra murray was one of the 49 people killed at the nightclub in orlando. nbc 10 wasn't lou eallowed insi. more than 300 people remembered murray who just graduated days earlier, a standout student and basketball player who scored a thousand career points and earned a college scholarship. >> she just did everything the right way. >> every day i wake up, go on facebook, instagram, twitter and see rip akyra and i can't believe she's gone. >> murray was in orlando with two other people who were also shot. new from overnight, investigators are trying to determine what caused this house fire in gloucester county.
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fire began on the first floor of the home at billings avenue on seventh street. it happened around 12:30 this morning. it then spread to the second floor. no one was hurt. this morning, things are back to normal at the veolia energy plant after a boiler explosion yesterday afternoon. investigators are still trying to determine why the explosion happened inside the schuylkill steam station on christian street. city inspectors tell nbc 10 the plant is still structurally sound, people did, however, feel the blast throughout center city around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. the operator says there was no fire and all the employees evacuated safely. but the force of the explosion shattered window and flying glass did hurt someone passing by. unionized service workers at four atlantic city casinos will vote today on whether to authorize a strike. the workers at caesars, ha caecs
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would join trump taj mahal. 64 degrees at 6:08. across the battle ship new jersey and seeing clouds and some rain. i'm tracking showers and some thunderstorms in the area. during the day it will stay cloudy and cool. occasional showers, won't be an all day rainfall. probably keep the umbrella nearby. right now, it is light showers that are moving through philadelphia. there is a thunderstorm moving fairly slowly, to the east at ten miles an hour in southern chester county. really showing signs of weakening in the last few minutes. there are heavy downpours moving to the east, doesn't look like that one is going to hold up. look at the break in the rain.
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just to the west of that line of showers before we see more thunderstorms in south central pennsylvania. the chance of thunderstorms as we go into the afternoon. most of the day we're looking at cloudy skies and occasional showers, future cast showing rain in new jersey at 8:00. as we go to late morning hours, chance of showers continues in delaware and south jersey. and noon time hour, the rain returns to lehigh valley and light rain showers for wilmington, philadelphia, and trenton. some heavier downpours are possible, even a chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon. and all combines to keep temperatures cooler today. 70s for philadelphia. the suburbs. and the lehigh valley. and little cooler at the shore, the jersey shore, on and off rainfall, 68 degrees. delaware, up to 74. wilmington, haddonfield, 72 degrees this afternoon. that's today. there is the seven day at the bottom of the screen. has some sunshine returning to the area and warmer temperatures
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ahead too. look at the father's day weekend forecast when i come back in ten minutes. hopefully sunshine in store for this weekend for the dads out there. >> that would be good. let's see if there is smooth sailing in store for you. jessica boyington starting with 202. >> 202 looks okay so far. little damp out there. but for the most part, right around route 29, no big problems or delays. you can see a seven minute drive time, no increase, northbound from this point 29 to the schuylkill expressway, average speed still into the 60s. we have seen a few small accidents out there. another one, bucks county, bethlehem pike and hill town pike. watch out for that this morning and pa turnpike looks okay. westbound and eastbound, 22 minute trip from route 1 to valley forge. construction over in new jersey. i'll cover that when i come
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back. we'll explain a new punishment up next. a soccer punch lands a man in hot water. we'll tell you what happened after this knockout. and flocking to philadelphia. the record-breaking amount of visitors to the city and the economic boost it provided.
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just about a quarter past 6:00. a mass will be said for the 2-year-old boy killed by an alligator at a disney world resort. the service will be held in the boy's church in his home state of nebraska. the orange county sheriff's office in florida tweeted out a picture of 2-year-old lane graves last night. graves' body was found yesterday in a lagoon near the hotel.
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the family had been staying. on tuesday, the boy was standing near the lagoon with his dad when he was snatched by the gator. police are now saying they think graves drowned. florida fish and wildlife are looking for the gator that grabbed the boy. robert iger said in part, as a parent and grandparent, my heart goes out to the graves family during this time of devastating loss. philadelphia police made an arrest in an assault caught on camera outside a nightclub about a month ago. the video we're going to show you may be difficult it watch. the man seen sucker punching and knocking out another man and facing several charges including aggravated assault. police say darryl minter punched the man outside of coda nightclub on walnut street last month. the club told us minter didn't work there. a witness says the man who punched -- who was punched sat up less than a minute later and was talking with people outside the club. a new curfew into effect
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july 1st for the teens in trenton. instead of going it jail, they'll be taken to church. according to the times of trenton, juveniles will not be allowed out in public after midnight and if police catch them, they'll take the teens to churches or faith-based organizations and then officers will notify parents to come and get them. more people are visiting philadelphia and that means more money is being pumped into the economy. the company visit philadelphia attracts tourism and yesterday it announced for the sixth year in a row there has been a record number of people visiting and spending money in philadelphia. this past year 41 million people visited the city. that's up about 3% from 2014. people spent more than $6.5 billion, a lot of that money gets pumped into state and local taxes in schools and helps support more than 93,000 jobs around the region. 6:16, let's get you updated on the roads. >> a little cooler this morning
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and some rain for some of us. that might be affecting things on the roads. >> we aren't seeing major delays yet, but we are starting to see a little slowdown. just ahead of the curve, where we start to see big delays for rush hour. we're watching the boulevard around ninth street. problems in either direction, but the roads there, around this area, are definitely wet with rain. also, there is an accident in bucks county, bethlehem pike and hill town pike that might tie you up. construction in new jersey, route 38 eastbound, between route 130 and route 70, they have two right lanes closed there. watch for big delays there as well. also, mass transit running on time or close to schedule. now, your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> umbrella time. we have seen showers and it is going to be on and off rainfall. easton, cloudy skies, rain already moved through. more rain on the way. and lehigh valley, berks county, temperatures stuck in the 60s
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now. not a big warmup, 70s this afternoon. look at the clouds over center city. cloudy and cooler day today with occasional showers. right now, rain is falling in philadelphia at 9:00, cloudy skies, more showers at lunch time. clouds still with us at 5:00 this afternoon. look at the temperatures, barely moving for philadelphia, for the suburbs, same story, mostly cloudy skies, occasional showers in between these hours. and the lehigh valley, clouds, 68 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon and 70 degrees at 5:00. most of the day, the rain will not be falling. but there will be some scattered showers in delaware at 1:00 this afternoon. 72 degrees. 60s for the jersey and interior new jersey. 68 at 1:00. not much different at the shore, clouds and occasional showers turing the day today. the showers that that we're tracking now from philadelphia to the west to chester county. this is where we see heavier downpours. thunderstorm, not producing lightning right now. but still some heavy downpours
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as it moves past the east nottingham and towards new castle county in delaware. the showers will break, we'll see some breaks in the clouds, but mostly it is going to be cloudy. see that next line of showers and thunderstorms moving through south central, pennsylvania, on track for delaware. so a number of opportunities to use your umbrella during the day. by this evening, dry at 7:30. watching showers and thunderstorms late in the evening. that's 10:30 tonight. still a possibility to use your umbrella into late night. 73 degrees today. tomorrow, sunshine returns. temperatures respond to near 80. and the weekend is looking good. saturday and sunday. father's day, 8 degrees. here comes the heat. and a bit of humidity for monday and tuesday. but the numbers come down for wednesday. low 80s wednesday with a chance of showers that will continue into thursday. by friday and saturday, we're drying out. starting to warm up. 86 degrees saturday afternoon. can't beat that for father's
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day. 85 degrees and humidity stays low. >> thanks, bill. today, you'll get a first chance to pick up a piece of history in philadelphia. next, how you can show your political spirit for the summer's democratic national convention. police have new clues in a deadly hit and run in roosevelt boulevard. we'll explain how the surveillance video is helping them track down leads following a teen's death.
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welcome back. today, a lawmaker from mercer county will propose a new way to raise money for cash-strapped atlantic city. his plan will let voters decide whether or not to make marijuana legal in ac. the proposal is named the promoting opportunities for tomorrow bill or pot for short. the bill would ask voters whether to allow people 21 and older to grow, sell, possess and
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use marijuana in atlantic city. if passed, marijuana sales would be taxed at 20% of its market price. marijuana could be used to treat post traumatic stress disorder under a bill scheduled for vote today in the new jersey assembly. if approved, the measure heads to the state senate. medical marijuana is currently approved in new jersey to treat multiple cler rsclerosis, and a variety of other ailments. you can get your hands on a piece of history. dnc merchandise is on sale. just like we saw when the pope came to town, it is about the keepsakes and memorabilia. something to remember the history-making event by. seven local artists were picked to create the memorabilia. >> we skind of desikind of desif knowing we wanted it to sell
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well. >> you can buy the shirts, hats, buttons and much more online. there is a link on our website. and later this month, you can drop into a pop-up store in the comcast center and shop there for the memorabilia. jesse with a boyica boyingt. no big problems or delays there. not many cars out on the roads, we are dealing with wet roads. more of those when i come back around 6:30. for now, a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> my grass loves this kind of weather. growing like crazy, the lawn never looked better. you got a little cut yesterday, so a good thing. cloudy and cool this morning with a little bit of wet weather around, showers in cape may. grab the umbrella, there is more rain on the way. got your neighborhood forecast just ahead. bill, thank you. 6:25, 64 degrees in the
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philadelphia area. a disabled philadelphia man is put in a really tough spot after someone stole his prosthetic leg. >> how can you do that to somebody that is disabled. >> really good question. next, his plea to return the piece of equipment. and restroom rescue. we'll explain why the eagles future of the franchise needed help busting out of a gas station bathroom in new jersey.
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today, philadelphia could become the first major u.s. city with a soda tax. we'll have a preview of the vote following months of debate. taking action, we'll tell you how a nearly 15-hour
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filibuster on gun control came to an end on the senate floor overnight. right now, we're tracking showers moving through the area. here is a live look at the comcast center. see a few drops on our camera there. we'll tell you how the rest of the day is shaping up in your neighborhood. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm katy zachry. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's get to bill henley. cooler this morning and not a washout. >> not an all day rainfall, on and off showers. we see rain move through philadelphia. ben franklin bridge, free car washes. heavy downpour and thunderstorm or two so far this morning, thunderstorms have died down. but they're starting to fire up right now. just picked up a few lightning strikes, eastern lancaster county. this line of showers is moving to the east at 15 miles an hour. moving into chester county, some downpours holding together for
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wilmington as well. blue rock stadium, cloudy skies, more showers will be on and off during the day today. 68 degrees and some rain moving through. rain is falling in philadelphia. the temperatures will be barely moving up. we saw 80 in the city yesterday. 73 degrees, low 70s for the suburbs. new jersey at the shore, just a little cooler with occasional showers, 68 degrees. 70s for the lehigh valley. there are some breaks in the clouds, little bit of sunshine breaking through. most of the day cloudy and keep the umbrella handy. future cast hour by hour when i'm back to show you when you're most likely to use that umbrella today. let's see how the rain is affecting the commute. jessica boyington has an update. >> rain out there, through center city in our cameras on the vine street expressway. more delays than normal around this time. this is our camera around 24th street. westbound to the schuylkill, starting to see some brake
6:32 am
lights up ahead. an accident out in francona on allentown road and banbury drive. today, after months of debate, the philadelphia soda tax is up for a vote. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live with a preview. a lot of eyes on philadelphia with this big vote happening today. >> reporter: definitely. this morning, you may remember that the mayor proposed a telecetelhree cents an ounce tax. they came up with a compromise. that's what they'll be voting on later today. this agreement to a 1.5 cents an ounce tax. critics of the bill called into question where the rest of the money will go. more than 10% of the money generated by the tax will go to other programs. among them, the retrial of juvenile offenders and another
6:33 am
portion to the african-american museum. these were late additions negotiated by some council members but majority of the money will go here in pre-k class rooms like the smart center, which would be able to take in 55 to 60 more kids from the waiting list and into their classrooms with the money from the tax. >> i think people bought into the fact we need to do this for our kids. you come into facilities like this and see these 4 and 5-year-olds, just really kicking it, and learning about language and reading and just wonderful. >> reporter: after today's vote, you should also know they're scheduling some other hearings for later this summer, which will determine exactly how the remainder of the money is spent. i should also mention that no philly grocery tax is going to be here today. they're going to be setting up a demonstration showing all the drinks that will be taxed if council passes this.
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kids from pre-k are going to be here, singing to council on the other side of things, to thank them for the vote and the work they have done so far. reporting live at city hall, pamela osborne. new from overnight, democrats make progress in the fight for gun control legislation following the shooting massacre at that club in orlando. >> we simply want people on the terrorist watch list to not be able to buy guns and criminals not be able to buy guns. >> he says the republican party leaders agreed to allow votes on two proposed gun control measures. one would ban people on the government's terror watch list from buying guns. the other would expand gun background checks. murphy launched that yesterday, joined by 40 other senators including new jersey democrat cory booker. pat toomey has his own gun bill in the wake of the orlando attack. and he's scheduled to introduce
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it today. he says it will help ensure that terrorists are kept from purchasing a firearm but says his proposal protects the second amendment rights of law abiding gun owners. toomey and katie mcginty are locked in a fight in a tight race for the u.s. senate seat in pennsylvania. mcginty's campaign released a statement on toomey's proposal that reads in part, senator toomey had the opportunity to prevent suspected terrorists from being able to buy guns last december and instead he opposed it. it should not have taken the worst mass shooting in u.s. history or an election year for senator toomey to return to the issue. 6:35. 64 degrees in the philadelphia area. today in philadelphia, jurors will head into first full day of deliberations in the corruption trial of congressman chaka fattal. after completing the first two hours of deliberations yesterday afternoon. courtroom watchers say with 28 counts and five defendants, they expect jurors may take their time with the case. fattah is accused of taking an
6:36 am
illegal $1 million loan to fund his failing mayoral bid in 2007. prosecutors say the other four defendants hid the loan by allegedly laundering money from charitable grants through private companies. stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage of congressman fattah's corruption trial on air and on the app. philadelphia police have new clues in a deadly hit and run thanks to surveillance video. look at that video, it shows a chevy venture minivan wanted in the crash that killed a teen monday night on roosevelt boulevard. police say the driver hit 17-year-old makala jackson. investigators believe the minivan has a shattered windshield and significant front end damage. happening today, new jersey assemblyman troy singleton will join with education advocates to talk about a proposed bill which addresses drivers illegally
6:37 am
passing stopped school buses. it would allow school districts to put cameras on the stop arm that extends from buses, then law enforcement can review the video to see if a passing driver should be cited. now, your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> 6:37. cloudy, cool, and tracking showers, dreary view from wilmington this morning. rain is moving in. and tracking heavier downpours now. philadelphia, just light rainfall. look at showers coming down in lancaster and in chester county, toward coatesville. the storms are moving, this thunderstorm activity is moving to the southeast at 15 miles an hour. not very fast. but coatesville, you'll see it, just after 7:00 this morning. and heading to the south, another line of showers and thunderstorms will be moving into delaware. you'll see it in middletown by 7:30. you'll hear those rumbles of thunder and have heavy
6:38 am
downpours. but, not going to be an all day rainfall. 8:30, light rain in philadelphia. into the lunch time hour, we'll still see some showers in the region. trenton area could see some light rain. in central delaware, south, south jersey, philadelphia will be getting a break at lunch time today. another line of showers is possible to start developing at 4:00 this afternoon. as we go into the evening commute. not an all day rainfall. what will be here all day, the cool temperatures. thanks to the clouds. 64 degrees now. low 70s this afternoon for philadelphia. the suburbs will see cloudy skies and occasional shower. it is 61 now. showers this afternoon, into the 60s and low 70s this afternoon. and for the lehigh valley, mostly cloudy skies, you can see some thinning of the clouds, might see breaks of sunshine, but it is mainly go to be a cloudy day within an occasional shower possible in between these
6:39 am
hours. for south jersey and delaware, same thing, starting off in the 60s. slow warmup this afternoon. jersey shore, scattered showers as we have seen this morning. 67 degrees at lunch time today. and for delaware, yes, you'll see the rain too on and off showers are possible, right now the rain is falling in delaware. a chance of a thunderstorm, but most of the day it is just going to be cloudy and cool. 70s this afternoon. but the temperatures will rebound. seven-day at the bottom of the screen. father's day weekend when i come back in ten minutes. a lot of eyes on this weekend, thank you. the rain, not a total loss, but coming at a tricky time for commuters. >> windshield wipers get ready. how does the schuylkill look? >> we have seen better. we're starting to see delays around the boulevard. hard to believe this is all the drive time. you look at the westbound side of the schuylkill, stand still there, brake lites, 24 minutes
6:40 am
westbound from the vine street to the blue route. average speed to the 20s. accident on allentown road and banbury drive. construction back to new jersey from pennsylvania. admiral eastbound before airport circle, we have right lanes closed there. also watching 422, just seeing some typical delays. 15 minutes now eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill. speeds dropping to the 30s there as well. more updates when i come back. the nbc 10 response team helps a family with a broken ridge. a repairman left them out in the cold and we got involved. >> i called my sister and told her about my frustrations and she said, you know, you really should call channel 10. >> how that one call led to a working refrigerator and hundreds of dollars in refunds. leaders at a local high school make a decision in the debate over their controversial masco
6:41 am
mascot. we'll tell you if the name redskins stays or goes. ♪but i'm not gonna let 'em catch me, no no,♪ ♪not gonna let 'em catch the midnight rider,♪ ♪yeaaahh... ♪but i'm not gonna let 'em catch me nooo♪ ♪not gonna let 'em catch the midnight riiiiiiiideer!♪
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a northeast philadelphia man is left crawling around after someone stole his prosthetic leg. now he's pleading for help in getting it back. >> i just don't like getting around like this. this is pretty much embarrassing. >> michael stauffer says that's his only option after fighting a bone infection. doctors decided to amputate his leg. his insurance paid for the prosthetic leg, allowing him to get back to normal playing with his grandson. but then last week someone broke in his moving van and stole the leg. he says his insurance will in the play for replacement which costs $28,000. >> i wish they would just give
6:45 am
back, i won't press charges, i'll do anything. i'll pay them -- i ain't got the money, but i'll come up with it one way or another to give them the money. i need that leg. >> he'll continue to have a difficult time getting around without that prosthetic. if you know anything about this crime, philadelphia police want to hear from you. in today's nbc 10 response, a family's refrigerator is on the fritz. when they find out had their option is, they aren't happy about it. >> they decided to contact the nbc 10 response team. harry hairston has their story. >> when i came down the other morning, i opened it and nothing worked. >> reporter: barbara brady says a broken refrigerator was the last thing she needed. >> a family of six. we have a lot of food in our refrigerator. >> reporter: after she found out it was out of commission, all her food was unfit to eat and her daughter's medicine was ruined. >> i was shocked. everybo everything was warm.
6:46 am
i opened the freezer, everything was defrosted. >> reporter: she tells us she immediately called sears. that's where she purchased the refrigerator four years ago. brady says a repairman came that day, but didn't have the parts to fix the fridge and then the news got worse. >> he quoted that they would not be in for another 12 days. and i would be without a refrigerator during that time. >> reporter: when she told him she couldn't wait that long, they told her to buy a dorm fridge. she did, but only big enough to hold a few items like milk, ice and her daughter's medicine. >> i called my sister and told her my frustrations. she said, you know, you should call channel 10. >> reporter: nbc 10 respondes reached out to sears and brady says the repairman returned with the needed parts. >> i have a refrigerator that works. i am getting reimbursed my money for the lost food. >> reporter: the mini fridge she
6:47 am
purchased. she said she's glad she took her sister's advice and called nbc 10 responds. >> thank you, harry hairston. i got my money back. >> we're glad she called us as well. we'll add the $415 to our nbc 10 response consumer recovery counter. that total stands at $37,567. >> not bad. if you have a consumer problem, go to or call 610-6 - 610-668-7377 and we will respond to you. it is 6:47. 64 degrees outside. wilmington school will have a new mass ccot name next year. they voted to get rid of the redskins mascot. california has banned the use of the name redskins. supporters say the redskins name
6:48 am
honors native american heritage, but critics say it is culturally insensitive. a quarterback goes to the bathroom and needs garden shears to get out. >> what? >> sounds like a joke. it is a true story for carson wentz. >> wentz tweeted last night, just got locked in the bathroom at an nj gas station. praise the lord for the attendant with the garden shears and the other guy with the leg kick. i bet he can appreciate a leg kick. that has been retweeted nearly 4,000 times since it was posted. wentz was drafted number two overall by the eagles in the draft. training camp begins next month. >> retweeted, after he sends the tweet, retweeted and twitter blew up with creative responses from people. we want to read yours, so send us your thoughts on his tough day. tough day. ahead on, or the app, you can see some of those
6:49 am
funny tweets. now, your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> be prepared today. showers and a chance of some thunderstorms. may want to grab your umbrella this morning. you'll be able to use it at times during the day. tracking showers through philadelphia right now. mainly light rainfall. but we have seen heavier downpours moving through to chester county at this time. on and off showers today, sunshine returns for father's day weekend and father's day looking really nice. we'll see bright, sunny skies and warmup to 85 degrees. humidity stays low in philadelphia. 80s in the middle 80s for the suburbs and lehigh valley. south jersey, low 80s. and 74 degrees at the shore. 80s with partly sunny skies for delaware. all and all, a winner for father's day. today, still has to deal with the wet weather and dreary conditions. clouds will stay with us through this afternoon. we have seen on and off showers
6:50 am
that will keep our temperatures in the 60s and low 70s for philadelphia, for the suburbs, and the lehigh valley. not much different at the shore, little cooler, but on and off showers this morning. a bit warmer in delaware and new jersey, inland, 70 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon. 70 degrees at 5:00, by late this afternoon, the showers may take a break, but there is still a possibility we'll see scattered showers into the evening hours. the rain we have right now, we are tracking some thunderstorms, these thunderstorms moving through eastern maryland, just getting ready to head into middletown at this hour. the heavy downpours will be quick moving. not expecting flooding, but the chance of those storms pushing into new jersey first thing this morning. that's light rain for abington and philadelphia and in westchester, see the scattered showers. at this hour, on and off during the day today. look at the break before we get another chance of showers. late this evening, showers and thunderstorms in the ohio valley, could be coming in our
6:51 am
area. just a possibility of that. by 8:00 this evening, we get some breaks in the clouds, drying out during the evening hours, those are the storms that will be watching, possibly for late tonight and into early tomorrow morning. we will be drying out for tomorrow. most of the area. 73 degrees today. here comes sunshine, breaking through the clouds, near 80 degrees tomorrow. into the 80s for the weekend. saturday and sunday. bright sunshine and 85 for father's day. and then monday, summer begins, monday evening, just after 6:00, and it is going to feel like it right on cue, 92 degrees, high temperature on monday. sunday, another day, excuse me, tuesday, another day in the 90s. cools down for wednesday, thursday and friday, with showers. drying at the end of the week next week, 82 on friday. up to 86 degrees on saturday. sunday, for father's day, looking good. 85 degrees. and low humidity. >> love the ten-day outlook, bill.
6:52 am
thanks. nine minutes before 7:00, let's plan your ride to work, look at the bridges and roads starting with the plat bridge. >> jessica joins us now. things slowing up with the rain. >> with the rain. we want to check out the plat bridge. show you the visibility here with the rain falling. seeing a delay in both directions really. on either side of the bridge, starting to see some delays. same for philadelphia now over the ben franklin bridge. be prepared for that with the extra rain falling down. we'll see more of those delays. also a downed tree in northeast philadelphia on the boulevard headed northbound between whitaker avenue and adams avenue. 95, delays here. this is a little heavy, that's also with the added rain. 34 minutes southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. speeds to the 20s already. philadelphia is onbecoming city with a soda tax.
6:53 am
saving atlantic city. one lawmaker has a plan to ease the financial struggle of the shore town and it revolves around making money from marijuana. hello!
6:54 am
it's our new intern, bart's first week here at td bank, he's a robot from one of those other banks.
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today, philadelphia could become the first major u.s. city with a soda tax. pamela osborne is live with a preview of today's vote. >> reporter: this isn't the first time city council had a soda bill tax to consider. but this time it is expected to pass. last week council agreed the compromise with mayor, agreeing to a 1.5 cents an ounce tax.
6:57 am
the money generated would help create 6500 pre-k spots for kids and make improves to city rec centers. in a few hours, we're expecting to see demonstrators on both sides of the issue here today be in the room for that vote and streaming it online at reporting live at city hall, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. president obama heads to orlando today. >> the president and vice president biden will meet with the families of victims and survivors of the pulse nightclub shooting rampage. their visit comes as the first of the victims are laid to rest from this worst mass shooting in u.s. history. in a few hours from now, jurors will head into the first full day of deliberations in the corruption trial of congressman chaka fattah. they deliberated for two hours yesterday afternoon. fattah is accused of taking an illegal $1 million loan to fund his 2007 mayoral bid.
6:58 am
workers at caesars, harrah's, bali's and tropicanas would join trump taj mahal who already stage eapproved a walko drug sales would be taxed at 20%. today is the first day of the fir fly music festival. it runs through sunday at woodlands of dover international speedway in dover. the big headliner is mumford and sons sunday night. good morning, everyone. watching 95 around girard avenue. starting to see big delays in combination with rain and rush hour. into center city, big delays. also watching a downed industry up north in philadelphia. boulevard, northbound between whitaker avenue and adams avenue, taking out part of the outer drive.
6:59 am
you'll see some big delays in new jersey with construction. route 38 eastbound between 130 and route 70, two right lanes closed until saturday around 6:00 a.m. now, your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> time to grab your umbrella. we have clouds and showers. sea isle city, scattered light showers. look at the thunderstorms moving through the area. we're seeing them in delaware. these storms are are moving to the southeast at about 15 miles an hour. you expect them to move into at 7:33 this morning. rain and off during the day today. cloudy skies all day long. we're starting off in the 60s, will warm into the low 70s this afternoon. a chance of a shower this evening. sunshine returns tomorrow. excellent. thanks. the weekend doesn't look so bad as well. >> a winner. father's day, on track for sunshine and temperatures in the 80s. >> nice. good stuff. thanks so much for joining us. we'll have local updates
7:00 am
throughout the morning, can always get up to the minute news, weather and traffic on the nbc 10 news app. >> the "today" show is up next. good morning. breaking oern ining overnight, take their fight for gun control late into the night. >> ask yourself, what can you do to make sure that orlando or sandy hook never,ver happens again. >> a marathon session that ended just hours ago with the deal reached with republicans to hold two key votes. this, as president obama and vice president biden head to orlando today to pay tribute to the victims of that mass shooting. intense search. wildlife officials back at a disney resort today, hunting for the alligator that dragged a 2-year-old boy to his death as new video emerges of a gator


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